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A Multilingual Internet Support, Client-Station Independent
A Site of El-Mar Software Ltd.

El-Mar Software is proud to present an innovative development, based on patents, which provides multilingual Internet support. As opposed to existing products, the new technology allows anyone, from any workstation and/or browser, to access any site, using a language of choice, even if the equipment does not support that language.

In addition to the multilinguality, this conversion engine can serve also as a proxy, web-server, reverse proxy, and even as an HTTP-gateway. Therefore, it can be placed almost anywhere:

  • On the server side, anyone can benefit from multilingual support (no change in site is needed):
    1. as a web-server
    2. as a reverse-proxy, while still running the regular server, transparent to the external world
  • On the client side, the client can benefit from multilingual support, while accessing any site:
    1. installation at the client's station
    2. at the gateway which connects the organizational network to the Internet, as a proxy
    3. on any other computer on the network (concatenated or not to the organizational proxy)
    4. on a computer of the Internet service provider, as a service for all of its customers

    The conversion engine automatically recognizes the language, the format and the standard of any document that passes through it, and converts it to a format that is readable by the specific user. The user input is converted too, if needed. If the user does not have appropriate fonts, or if new fonts cannot be installed on the equipment, the engine replaces the texts (on the fly) with compact graphics. In this situation, the exact look is preserved (including color, font, size, etc.), and the browser is still able to break lines wherever desired. Texts can still be marked as links, and even loaded from the local cache in the case of repetition.

    The most innovative part of the technology is the support of HTML forms: Even if the user does not have support for the necessary language (e.g. bidirectional Hebrew support, including keyboard mapping and right-to-left direction), the engine would convert the input fields to a form that allows the user to type input in that language, as if he had a special operating system and browser.

    Note: The product does not translate languages!



    The development is being done as a start-up project. An alpha version will be available soon, with English-Hebrew support provided in the first phase. In the future, we hope to support all major languages which need special attention. Since the project is already in an advanced stage of development, the necessary investment is low and attractive, especially considering the vast potential market. We are looking for venture capital investors, for great potential yield. In addition, we are looking for a strategic partner to assist in developing the support for the various languages and in worldwide distribution. For further details, contact: Eli Marmor, (972)-9-766-1020,

    "The network IS the computer" - Now also with multilingual support!

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